new day ministryToday, our second day working on the compound. Some of the team finished the concrete project (sidewalks). While the ladies organized school supplies for the communities we will later visit this week. Our verse of the day John 4:4-30, how we are to love one another where we are at. We ask for continued prayer for Janice’s knees. Also for us, as a team, as we go to the community tomorrow and deliver backpacks. With that we will visit the students at their house, meet their family, and pray with them.

Personally, as this being my fourth time traveling down here. Working on the compound this year has made me realize that relationships don’t just happen with the children. Over the last new day ministrycouple of days God has given me multiple opportunities to connect with the workers, working together to complete a particular task. Tonight I was able to help one of NDM employees prepare for tomorrow night’s dinner. While helping her we were able to talk and catch up with each other.

new day ministryDr. Oberheim wasn’t physically able to make the trip this year, but yet a part of him was still here.

The last two days we worked on these concrete sidewalks.

One of the multiple moments shared with the employees at New Day!new day ministry