Today was such a reminder of how amazing God is. We went to the Aduano Uno community, where most of the returners have been building relationships in previous years. Personally, this is my second year being on the team so there was a level of uncertainty as to whether or not the kids would remember me. You can imagine my heart melting when they screamed my name when I saw them. Not only did they remember me, they remembered my name!!

new day ministryI began the day with sort of a heavy heart because two of the young women I met last year had been having some health issues since our 2016 team left.  Ashley(name changed for identity protection), the other woman’s name, Jeanette (name also changed) is a team member’s sponsor child.

The last I’d heard about Ashley was that she’d left the community with her boyfriend, got pregnant and had near-death complications at the time of birth. I didn’t think I would ever see her again.

And Jeanette has been battling cancer in various places. Such sweet souls, both of them. We were prepared not to see either one.

By the grace of God, the sponsor team member and I were able to see not one, but BOTH of those precious women. It was one of those “Wow, God, prayer really does work” moments.

Prior to our visit we were told that Jeanette was not allowing anyone to see her because of her condition, so you’d imagine our surprise when she came out to the school to watch the other kids play soccer (or fútbol as they say it). Just amazing.

Please, if you could, keep dear Jeanette in your prayers as we believe God will heal her and use her testimony to bring many to His kingdom.

Until next time.