Hello everyone, today is day one of our nine day journey. Today consisted of lots of traveling along with the usual chaos of 19 people trying to make there way through two different foreign country’s airports.
The drive down went very smoothly we left the church at roughly 6:10pm, after about two hours we stopped at a sheetz just outside of Harrisburg. After about 20 minutes we proceeded towards the airport. We got to the airport at about 10:30. There were no problems with security everyone went through without just fine. At about 12:55 we boarded the plane that would take us to Mexico City, Mexico. That was close to a 4 hour and 45 minute flight. We were fed a croissant along side a beverage of our choice and some penuts. After or arrival in Mexico City we went through another security check point. Due to the fact that they were unaware of what we needed the items for, the security confiscated a few construction tools that we would use later on in our journey. We landed in Managua just after 11am Sunday morning. We received all of our luggage and were picked up by Jana and Glenn Kauffman who were our hosts for the duration of the trip. We then went through the city and out into the country side where we would spend the next 7 days. Upon arrival we unloaded the bus that brought us all to the compound and got settled in to what we would be calling home for some time. We finished off the night with a home cooked meal and a devotional
that each member of the team received prior to the trip. We went to bed knowing that day two would not be so easy for there was much work to begin!  ~Marshall