Dear Friends,

Day 6 was our “fun day” and started with another wonderful  breakfast. After that, the first stop was the pottery shop, where we saw a demonstration of how the Nicaraguans make pottery.  Many of us had seen
this demo before, but it is still very interesting.  The next stop was the market place in Masaya.  This is a block square assortment of various vendors selling anything your heart might desire….including the
refreshment stand, which managed to capture some of our dollars!  After there, we loaded the van up and headed to a Nicaragua resort, Laguna Beach Club, which is on the shoreline of a beautiful fresh water lagoon, created from a volcano that had “blown its top” at some time in the distant past. This was a very relaxing, laid-back few hours.  Some of the guys took to the water and others spent their time relaxing in whatever method best suited their desires.  After leaving this piece of paradise, we stopped for a great supper on the way home, arriving back at New Day Ministry sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m.  A long, tiring day of companionship and sharing of experiences.