Monday July 31, 2017  – BY: Christi & Ken –
Today me and Glen went to a few hardware stores in town and got some small materials that he needed. We then ate at a mall for lunch and we got pulled over. Nothing was more legendary than watching Glen pay off the cop. After we came back we started construction on two more slabs for benches and then ate dinner. After dinner we prepped for our English classes tomorrow and I even did a test run on good old Francisco. There was also a pretty awesome storm that came through. (Ken)
Today, Nino and Jose picked up Jana, Anna, and me to go to Nica market in Managua for pencil boxes, beads, and string. It was very interesting and a unique experience seeing the market that Nicaraguans visit to buy items. They had anything from knock-off Michael Kors bags to baby dolls you would find at a dollar store to plastic bowls, plates, cups, bins, etc. During the nearly 4 hours we were there, we only explored a quarter of the entire market. Around every corner there was another bead store that we would visit to check prices and find more things we needed. For lunch, we visited a lady with a pan of pieces of pizza. We then went to the part of the market labeled as the plastic market and found the pencil boxes.