Today we worked in the HOT sun!!  Someone said it was close to 100 degrees out there!!  The young people from the “Baseball Church” had previously outlined silhouettes of themselves onto the concrete walls surrounding the ministry compound.  The ladies spent this morning filling in the silhouettes with black paint.  They look really cool!  We took a break around noon and had lunch.  It was way too hot for us to go back out and finish the silhouettes after lunch, but a couple of the women braved the heat and did go out to finish them anyway.  You may or may not see a photo of some of the silhouettes, depending on whether they’re able to be uploaded!  A few of us spent the afternoon filling little bags with sweets for a special event that is planned for Friday.  The men spent the day running electrical wire through conduit for security lights.  Now the concrete security wall is lighted, and there is lighting in the laundry room and on the porch.  They also built a metal gate.  Before supper we had a great devotion and discussion time led by Ted, and then we discussed plans for the next couple days.  Our supper was fabulous of course, thanks to our wonderful cooks Gloria and Maria!  We have been fed very well!  I think we’ll all sleep well tonight if our bug bites and sun burns don’t keep us awake!  Oh yeah!  Speaking of bug bites!  Larry did get bitten by a scorpion in two places during breakfast!  We all gathered around him and prayed for him.  Aside from taking some Tylenol and Benadryl, basically he only suffered some local pain at the sites of the bites today.  The tongue swelling has been minimal.  ~Melissa