Hi Everyone!

We are all doing well and eating well.  Gloria is a great cook.  As you may or may not have heard, today was  a day of battle for some of us, but that’s why we have a team to help us through.

Good things happened today too.  We handed out school supplies to the kids at Aduana Uno.  I love to see their smiling faces.  Their uniforms are white shirts with navy pants or skirts and their uniforms are pristine when they get to school.  Not so much when they head home.  HAHAHA!!

The men from the team had a chance to work with a couple of the men from the community to remove a tree that fell across the road.  They were pretty impressed with the guy who welded the machete!!

The weather has been great.  Windy though, oh my, my, my!!  Sometimes the wind will blow you back a step or two.

Have a great day tomorrow.  Please keep praying for us.

Lu Ann

Hey fellow bloggers!  How are you doing today? Typical morning at New Day Ministries.  No one got any sleep because of the turbine vents in the roof rattling from the winds we are getting.  The vents have been rewired, thanks to our electrician.

Our bus driver, Luis, was a little late picking us up due to some traffic accidents this morning.  We went to the Ela Ponte school to distribute school supplies, meeting and greeting the students there as well as the
teachers.  We intend to return to Ela Ponte on Friday morning to fix some playground equipment and perform our play for the whole school.  We also enjoyed a tradition Nicaraguan lunch of rice with chicken potato and carrot stew and a plantain.  We drank fresh cantalope juice (we had the seeds to prove it!!).

Brad made friends with some of the kids playing chase Brad’s hat.  We all received wonderful hugs from the kids.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home.  Brad was kind enough to pay for the ice cream.  I think he was racking up brownie points but when he smacked me up side the head, he lost ALL OF THEM!!

This afternoon I welded up the gate, the rest of the men helped with the wiring.  How many guys does it take to help the electrician?  ALL OF THEM!!  LOL.  The women cleaned out the store room, sorting, cleaning, organizing, and putting up with the heat.

We are done for the evening.  Peach dessert for those still up and it is only 7:30 p.m. our time.  HAHAHAHA

Have a great night all you bloggers!