Good Evening Friends,

Waking in the morning after 40 hours of no sleep (maybe three hours nap time on the plane).  After last nights 8 hours of sleep, the old body is a still little stiff.  The Lord woke us up to a gale wind, 20 MPH steady to 40 MPH gusts, 75 degrees, chairs moving on the porch, hammock chairs banging on the house walls.

Since it is only 5 AM and the rest of the team wanted to sleep in a little, like 5:30 or so, it was time for coffee.  So I crept from the room onto the porch and found two others who get up at a normal time. HaHaHa!  Off to the kitchen, we head for the first cup of joe.  We found the chef already hard at work, coffee ready, sausage cooking and eggs being prepped.  What a great day it is going to be!  Finally, the rest of the team staggered in one at a time for breakfast.  The food was brought from the kitchen and set out.  The team started with prayer and ate a wonderful breakfast.

Time to get started.  The teams are hosting baseball church today.  Chairs, tables and sound system were set up for the event.  After everything for baseball church was prepped, we had time to sort the duffles we brought with us.  Then the final prep was done for baseball church.

Here it came…a white cab over Hyundai, possibly with a 3 meter bed and a blue tarp over the bed.  There was a little space between the top of the cab and the tarp in which three smiling faces peeked up out.  The truck stopped and 30 children ranging in age from 10-22 pile out of the back.

The children came into the tent, a prayer was said and pico bread and manjar bread were served with water or coffee.  Yes, coffee, for these kids it is normal and it hasn’t stunted their growth at all!  After a quick
breakfast, they were blessed with a good word from team members Larry G. and Melissa P.  After church, the kids headed out to the yard and kicked soccer balls around.  Soccer balls, I thought they were coming to baseball church?!?!

At lunch time, the wind was still steady at 30 MPH with gusts at 50 MPH, 98 degrees.  The chairs would not stay upright.  The children seated themselves at the tables to hold down the chairs and wait for the food to be served.  Rice, chicken and vegetables were cooked over an open fire in 2 10-12 gallon kettles.  The girls went through the line first followed by the boys and then the teams.  Great tasting lunch.  A young lady shared her testimony with the group.  Jose summarized the mornings teachings.

After church, the kids stacked the chairs, loaded onto the truck for the trip home.

The rest of the day was spent welding, sorting school supplies, making lists and shopping for supplies.

Have a great day!!  ~Wade

Today, I had the privilege to give the message at New Day Ministries Baseball Church.  This was the first time for me giving a message using an interpreter.  What made it even more special was the young man that interpreted for me (Melbin).  Melbin recently said that he looks at me as a spiritual father.  I have spent time praying for him and his family, sharing scripture of what God’s best looks like.  I am so proud of the
decisions he is making and the husband/father he is becoming.  New Day Ministries has opened its doors and created an environment that is safe and fun. And in doing so, they hope that everyone leaves being blessed with God’s word. God’s word never returns null and void.


~Larry G