Friday, July 28, 2017  – BY: Kenny –

Today, I was assigned to the task of beginning construction on the bench and table set that Glen and I had purchased previously in the week. Today, me and one of the guards named Francisco went to a nearby general store and purchased some gravel and three bags of cement. When we returned, we started digging a hole about six inches deep with a radius of around five feet. When that was finished, we laid a layer of bricks around the outside and then broke for lunch. After lunch, Christi, Francisco and I walked to the nearby town of Los Cedros. We went there to pick up some medicine for Glen who hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days. We also ended up getting an ice cream cone and it was amazing. Then, after, we poured concrete between the bricks and shoveled a layer of rocks on the hole, finishing the work day. Something that I found interesting today was the language barrier between me and Francisco, which was broken very quickly. Even though we can’t speak each other’s languages, we could understand enough of each other’s humor to get through the day relatively easily.
Christi began preparation for the English class that she will be teaching at the school and she also helped prep for the looming class that Anna teaches. Then we went on a trip to Los Cedros and finally she helped do a little concreting with me and Francisco. Then everyone took showers because we were all really dirty ;).