My First Mission Trip

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a terrible traveler.  I am apprehensive, to put it mildly, especially about flying.  So that is really what holds me back from doing things away from home.  So the week before leaving, I was praying and asking God to prepare my heart and give me peace that I wouldn’t be able to muster up myself.  God gave me the most wonderful verses to start my trip.  Psalms 68:32-35 which says “Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth.  Sing praise to the Lord. To Him who rides in the clouds above, who thunders with mighty voice.  Proclaim the power of God whose majesty is over Israel.  Whose power is in the skies.  You are awesome o God in your sanctuary.  The God of Israel gives power and strength to his people.  Praise be to God.  It is exactly what my heart needed to hear and it was a great comfort as I looked out the plane window to the ground.  I know He is always with me but this was so much more.  We arrived safely and my heart was peaceful the whole way.

Now to see what he has in store for me this week!!  ~Jeanne