Thursday July 27, 2017 – BY: Christi –

This morning we loaded up all of the supplies we sorted and headed to Aduano Uno. After passing out all of the supplies to the students, Kenny and I enjoyed a game of kickball with the kindergarteners during their recess. Although I’m thirteen years older and four times their size, I wasn’t able to make it first base, but I loved it nonetheless.
Later in the day, we had a meeting with the teachers to discuss the upcoming Culture Day and what it all entails. We decided on the food, music, dances, and more that will be shared on the day to allow others to experience the Nicaraguan and U.S cultures. Kenny and I also got to experience firsthand a meeting with Nicaraguans. This involved many conversation changes, off topic discussions, and even a lesson on the English language. We discovered the teachers’ interest in wanting to teach the students the basics of English. This led to Kenny and I being signed up to teach 45 minute classes in each grade. We hope to teach the kids some basic greetings of the U.S and how to say the colors and days of the week in English.
We ended today discussing the first chapter in John and how we should want to be known as a piece of God’s entire painting, not the painter.