Day one started for the team leaving Canton Friday 4pm and day two was there arrival and getting settled @ NDM.

Dear Friends,

We met at New Life Church at 4 p.m. and left at 4:50 p.m. to head to Dulles International Airport.  Wade and Lu Ann were a little late because the van needed air in its tires.  We stopped in Roaring Branch to let Brad go to the bathroom.  Okay, so it wasn’t Roaring Branch but we had been on the road for only 2 hours.  We stopped even though we were going to stop in 40 minutes to eat.  We ate at Wendy’s south of Harrisburg although Ted had already eaten at Sheetz during Brad’s bathroom break.  Arrived at 10:10 p.m. at Dulles, unloaded and Brad, Ted and Archie took the vehicles to the parking lot.  The taxi was late picking them up OR they went somewhere and ate STEAK without us.  LOL!!  The rest of the crew checked in and went to the gate by 11 p.m.  Parking guys arrived at 12:15, the planned boarding time, but all was good because they made it.  Smooth flight and no problems.  Arrived in Mexico City at 5:45 their time, went through Customs, retrieved luggage, then went back through security again and checked luggage for next leg of flight.  A lot of rigamorole!!  Brad got his $4 coffee and the rest of us ate breakfast.  Then we realized we were sitting in the wrong location and began to move toward the right departure gate.
That’s when Ted went on a walkabout.  Ted finally returned an hour later so then we headed for the proper gate. We had to be bused to the back 40 of the airport.  We boarded about 25 minutes late but the flight was smooth and there were no problems.  We got through customs without being searched.  Glen and Jana, Luis and a helper helped us load our stuff on the bus and we booked out of the airport.  Traffic was stop and go but we made it to New Day Ministries at 2:30 on Saturday.  Gloria, Anna and Maria had “Teds” waiting for us.  YUM!!  Received our marching orders and then moved into our rooms.  Lazy afternoon while the team leaders and Jana and Glen planned our agenda for the rest of the week.  Supper at 7:00 and an early bed time is expected.  Looking forward to a wonderful week here in Nicaragua.  Feeling God with us.  Keep us in your prayers. ~Jerry