Wednesday July 26, 2017    – BY: Christi –

Today, as usual during a visit to Nicaragua, we painted. While Jana and I (Christi) finished outlining and filling in the last of the mural, Kenny and Glen painted boards for the apartment building we’re staying in. Afterwards, Glen and Kenny left to get a table that will be placed under some trees in the field and hopefully be used for small group devotions for teams. Meanwhile, Jana and I sorted school supplies into boxes according to grades for the school in Aduano Uno. However, halfway through our sorting, a friend with a team from Virginia came with three car loads of inner city kids from Nicaragua. After finishing our work, we were able to watch the kids run around and play baseball in the open field. We finished the night eating rice and beans, playing a game of Five Crowns, and having a tentative schedule for the next day.