... A New Day ... A New Life!


We are Glen & Jana Kauffman.

Glen and Janna KauffmanIn 2011 we purchased land in Nicaragua and New Day Ministry was founded. After several years of part-time missions we were called to commit our lives to full-time service ministering to the people there.

We moved to Nicaragua in 2012 and began our ministry in Los Cedros, Nicaragua. Our ministry is constantly changing as we strive to meet the needs of the people here. Encompassing many areas of need, we work with men, women and children, discipling, and working daily with them and providing much needed supplies to both students and teachers.

Our vision is to show the love of Jesus one day at a time, one life at a time. In everyday circumstances, by helping with the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Nicaraguan people. We want to see the young people of Nicaragua understand Gods purpose for their life and to help each one rise up as disciples of Christ.


We are an independent non profit faith based ministry team
sent by our home church: New LIfe Church, Canton, PA.
We encourage churches and individuals to consider supporting
both children and communities here.

Video: “Children of God” by Chris Monasmith